Recent Feedback
by Ben Armitstead on Jaz Performance and Mechanical

Jaz has been looking after my 80 series cruiser for a few years now.

he has helped me really transform the car into a very capable 4wd.

after the recommended installation of a W2A intercooler and oil catch can. the 80 breathes like a dream. i would definitely recommend the team @ jaz performance for quality work.


The braking system is the most critical safety part to your vehicle and we at Jaz Performance want you and your family to be safe when out and about on the road. Your vehicles brakes should be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. We will conduct a full inspection of your vehicles braking system and components and also provide you with a written report of any repairs that may need to be done along with a quotation for any repairs that may be necessary.




Some of the warning signs that your car may be showing are


  • Brake Pedal feeling soft / spongy
  • Grinding sounds
  • Pulling left or right while braking
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Low Brake Fluid
  • Dashboard warning lights